Cayman Islands Helicopters

88B Airport Road
P.O. Box 738

George Town KY1-1103 KY

Fax: (345) 946-0468

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Business Hours (closed)

  • Sunday: *** CLOSED ***

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Cayman Islands Helicopters

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Business Details

Experience the Caribbean paradise of Seven Mile Beach as you fly over miles of white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters of every shade, from turquoise to the deepest blue. Discover the story behind “The Black and White Fingers” of the sea. Then continue over the USS Kittiwake (a sunken American Rescue Vessel) and view the luxurious celebrity homes, condos and hotels of Grand Cayman. Finally, fly back to George Town, entering through the harbor and circling the cruise ships in the port before returning to our helipad. So get the camera out and snap away for those holiday pictures that will put your family and friends in awe!!

Our services include:
Lifts for Construction Purposes
Aerial Photography
Private Charters
Island Tour

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